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Arguments for a WorkersĄŻ Republic is a Website for people interested in the history of the far left, particularly Trotskyism, in Ireland. We are publishing a number of original documents, and, where appropriate, commentaries on original documents produced by a variety of individuals.

For the sectarians among ye, it is not linked to any political organisation, though what we choose to put up here is informed by our political convictions. We respect the honesty and integrity of many of the people involved in Republican organisations, but in the end I believe that the national question on this island and the emancipation of the working class can only be solved by the working people re-examining their past and acting in their own name.

We would like to thank Jim Monaghan, DR O'Connor Lysaght and Ciaran Crossey for advice and materials given in constructing this site.

What's New:

1884 Irish Social Problem, Michael Davitt in Today, April 1884

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This Website was last updated on 16 November 2005.

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